Lestat's Coffee House opened its doors to Normal Heights residents in 1997. Inspired by the Anne Rice novel Interview with a Vampire, Lestat's was modeled after the French Quarter in New Orleans. In 2010, Lestat's expanded to a second location on Park Boulevard with a traditional French theme. There, the company partnered with other local businesses such as Diversionary Theater to strengthen our relationship with the community. Six years later, a third shop opened on University Avenue to welcome people in Hillcrest. Located next to Rich's, this spacious venue emanates a Napoleonic Egyptian vibe. Every Lestat's location is a distinct reflection of the neighborhood in which it is located. 

Each coffee house is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provides customers with free Wi-Fi. Here you will always find friendly faces, and of course, a good ol' cup o' Joe!