Good news…

Our customers have something very exciting to look forward to. Coming soon to both locations is our new, fresh off the press, updated and even tastier menu!

The new menu will include an updated tea list, provided by our friends at Tea Gallerie. It’ll have some new drinks that you may have already heard of, like the Caramel Cream and the Grey Isles.

Just keep your eye out for it, there are big things coming to a Lestat’s near you!

We’ve gone social!

We are doin our best to keep with the times here at we’ve now added the ability to login and comment on various things using your Facebook account and you can also share things from the site on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+ or even E-mail (old school). Soon you’ll also be able to comment on using G+ and Twitter, but for now there’s just good ol’ FB. I’m excited about this! I’m gonna share this post on Facebook right now! You should too!